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The Linden Method®

I'll Show You How To Eliminate Your Anxiety,
panic, OCD, PureO and PTSD As Easily As Turning Off A Switch.


“Immediate, Fast & Natural Recovery From Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD & Agoraphobia - Guaranteed!”

Over 155,000 Recovered Clients are PROOF”


Dr. Francis Teeney

"I have no doubt that The Linden Method works and clearly see how and why the structure creates recovery; it makes perfect psychological sense.

It is soundly based in solid psychological understanding and provides, reassurance and clear, structured guidance and is definitely a programme for recovery." Read more

Dr Francis Teeney. PhD. Psych. Dept. Queen's University.

155,000 + people have used my Home Learning &
Residential Programs
to change their lives


- The Linden Method® 2013 Edition

The Linden Method just got better and easier to do!

This brand new enhanced program version includes more video/DVD guidance, the new Pillars Videos and improvements that make the program easier to do and quickly more effective.

The Linden Method
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the linden method

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TEN minutes, that's all I need from you...

... My name is Charles, I am 45, I am married to Beth and I have two children, Charlie and Florence. I live between the UK, Europe and the USA and traveling has become my life due to ONE pivotol day at a volunteer centre in 1997.

If you, like I once did, wake most mornings, focusing on your thoughts and anxiety symptoms, this website is for you.



A Piece of prose I wrote about my 27 years of suffering

  My wife and clients encouraged me to place this on the homepage of this website... I hope you are inspired by my suffering and my words. I adore what I do because my release from the 'anxiety vice' has allowed me to help over 155,000 sufferers... and hopefully you too. Charles Linden  


My absolute assurance...


"I want to show you how simple, natural anxiety disorder elimination is. IF you have doubts though, email me directly at cl@panic-anxiety.comThis is, truly, the start of the end of your anxiety disorder and we will do all we can to make sure that YOU, like every recovered sufferer, get exactly what you need to put all this behind you and become the confident, productive you that you really are." Charles Linden


Listen to the Introduction to Anxiety Recovery
by Charles Linden


I know how it is to restrict your life, to consider how you feel before anything else every day and to manipulate your life and other people in order to feel safe. I did it from the age of 0 to 27.

I can admit that now but at the time, I felt so scared that I really didn't care what I had to do not to have to face the world, other people and responsibilities.I was school-phobic, anxious and agoraphobic, I had up to ten panic attacks a day, I suffered from OCD and intrusive sexual, health focused or aggressive thoughts that tormented me.

No one supported me or helped me. I felt terrified, alone and desperate for the first 27 years of my life but in 1997 I had had enough of doctors and psychologists who just fed me medication, refered me to whoever was 'flavour of the day' and allowed me to decline further and further into anxiety hell.

I was medication addicted, taking Stelazine, Valium, Prozac, Zispin and a range of other old school 'ant anxiety' drugs. Nothing helped.

anxiety and agoraphobia cureThat's me on the right in 1996! I was 80 Lbs overweight, had to wear glasses all the time and couldn't travel, eat normally or exercise.

I was agoraphobic, had 8-10 panic attacks a day and was scared to death. At this point I had nowhere to live having lost my home, I had no money, no transport, no job and no dignity. I was hugely overweight, I was feeling depressed and really was 'too scared to live, but too scared to die'.

Call it luck if you like, but in 1997 I met a woman with cerebral palsy who changed everything for me. Through spending two days volunteering with Jo, I discovered the connection between disorders and creative intelligence that sparked a moment of inspiration in my mind in the middle of the night.

I discovered that the brain can't create TWO emotions at the same time. It can only produce ONE and when the emotion of fear is activated, no other emotion can be present.

So what does this have to do with YOU?

Simple - It has everything to do with you, me and every sufferer out there.

What I discovered was that by FEEDING the brain specific signals through my senses, I could subdue the emotion of fear and that by doing so in a structured way, I could 'shut it off' completely FAST.

In just two days, I stopped my panic attacks, undermined my fear and for the first time in years, felt 'normal'. One month later, all my obsessions, compulsions, symptoms and thoughts had gone.

I wrote it all down in a book that I called 'Stuck Between a Rock and a Prescription Drug' and I gave it to other sufferers. 12 one month, 30 the next and so on until over 12,000 had used my Method and fed me back the details of their amazing results.

At some point, this book became known as The Linden Method as more and more people used and became anxiety free using this simple process.

Sixteen years later and that same book has been used by 155,000 people.

It doesn't matter what the book is called, who wrote it or what that book was the inspiration for - what matters is that it continues to work.

I slowly developed resources that people could access that made doing the process simpler - they included videos, CDs and support from people I trained to advise and guide people just like you. My team of qualified psychotherapists and psychologists have helped thousands of people over the last decade and their experience is so, so valuable and reassuring to sufferers like you.

For reasons related to advertising law there are words no one can use on websites, but believe me when I tell you that if I lined up all my ex-clients and you randomly selected 100, 1000, 10,000... and asked them what their feelings are about my resources... you wouldn't find many that could criticise it. The reviews of my book come thick and fast and I have made many amazing friends through what I do.

My wife and I love what we do, we love our clients and the Retreats and Workshops we run. We love our staff, we love the results we see happen every day and we love that we have the opportunity to help people in this way.

anxiety and panic attacks recovery charles linden and familyI NEVER thought we would end up where we are now. I never intended to write a book, run Retreats, Workshops and all the other wonderful things I now do... my intention was only ever to help people who suffer from anxiety, like I did, to change their lives.

I never thought I would be married, that I would have children, a home and a life in which I travel, have fun and can enjoy every moment anxiety free.

You have every opportunity to change everything too.

Anxiety disorders are not mental or physical illness, they are conditions caused by too much of the emotion of fear and like all emotions, it can be switched off.

Anxiety disorders, by their very nature, cause doubt but PLEASE just look at the medical, psychological and program participant endorsements, call my qualified staff, investigate us as an organization, talk to my accountant and lawyer if you like... what you'll find is an amazing group of people who create amazing things that Beth and I am so, so proud of.

Your life and your enjoyment of all around you is important to me. If you need anything just contact us. We are all here for you.



Charles Linden
The Linden Method



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If any of these describe you then take a look at our programmes and choose the Linden Method that suits you best

All versions come with a 12 month money back guarantee

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Jemma Kidd talks about her & her sister Jodie recovering using The Linden Method on ITV

Jemma Kidd (Lady Mornington) is wife of the future Duke of Wellington, Arthur Earl of Mornington and sister to supermodel Jodie Kidd.

Both Jemma and Jodie used The Linden Method. Jemma also referred Vogue USA Fashion Editor and four times best selling novelist, Plum Sykes to The Linden Method, who also subsequently recovered.

“We suffered from crippling anxiety and panic attacks and probably half my friends do too, Jodie and I both used The Linden Method having found Charles Linden’s website on the internet. The program was the answer we had been looking for. Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use the Linden Method, it really helped us be panic free. I want to help other sufferers and to send the message out that anxiety conditions are curable, despite what some may say.” Jemma Kidd.

Click to watch Jemma tell her story on Lorraine Kelly's TV show

Rupert Young Brother to Singer Will

Rupert Young, Founder of The Mood Foundation & brother to Will Young changed his life using The Linden Method.

Rupert says: "At last! A place where someone can go to not only gather the vital life changing tools that I did, but also an opportunity to listen to others and for the first time not feel like it was just me and I wasn't going mad.

Having done the retreat life is now something I can look forward to not fear. Working in the charity sector as a director and founder around mental health I can say that if peace is what you are looking for, look no further." Rupert Young

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Medical Endorsements

Dr Francis Teeney - Psychology Research Fellow. Queen's University. Belfast

"Through my many conversations with Charles and my ongoing work with him, I have had the opportunity to evaluate Charles' unique program. I have no doubt that The Linden Method works and clearly see how and why the structure creates recovery; it makes perfect psychological sense. I have come to the conclusion that The Linden Method is soundly based in solid psychological understanding.

The Linden Method provides a correct psychological explanation of your condition, reassurance and clear, structured guidance and is definitely a program for recovery - one that will help you create new emotional memories to replace the anxious ones – and, in addition, The Linden Method provides a blueprint for leading an emotionally fulfilled life.

I recommend the Linden Method wholeheartedly. It has worked for countless others and it can work for you as well. In other words you have nothing to lose by trying this psychologically supported recovery program but you certainly have everything to gain."

Kyle Davies - Clinical Psychologist

"As a Chartered Psychologist, I have been working within the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and mind-body medicine for over 15 years. During that time I have encountered many treatments seeking to effectively eradicate anxiety and panic disorders, however, none come close to the efficacy and potency of The Linden Method. Rather than merely attempting to remove symptoms by numbing them or working in opposition to them, The Linden Method understands the nature of anxiety and panic disorders and its success is based on sound theoretical principles as well as a comprehensive and robust package of tools and techniques that, when applied, provide all that is required............."

Dr Claire Bolton - GP

"I first met Charles with his mother in 1994. Charles was an extremely anxious guy whose mother did most of his talking for him. At the time he was taking, and dependent on, various prescription medications including DIAZEPAM and STELAZINE. He was aware of his dependence, but unable to do anything about it because of his acute anxiety, which made him agoraphobic and experience multiple full blown panic attacks every day. Over several months and numerous consultations (as a trainee, I had more time available than the partners!) we managed to reduce Charles' medication. Charles' main objective at this point was to be medication-free even if the anxiety remained............"

Sarah Coates - Psychologist

"As a psychologist and an anxiety disorder and panic attacks sufferer, I had exhausted all avenues to find a solution. I found The Linden Method through a friend and decided to give it a try even though I was very skeptical at first. BUT, The Method is logical, scientific and easy to follow and it stopped my anxiety disorder and panic attacks in their tracks."

Dr George Best

"I'm a holistic health care practitioner and doctor of chiropractic in San Antonio, Texas. I've been in private practice since 1992, and over the course of my practice, I have come to recognize the importance of emotions in a person's overall health. The Linden Method is by far the most complete of the self-help programs I have come across that is specifically intended for eliminating panic attacks, anxiety attacks, panic disorder, and phobias. In addition to providing an overall understanding of panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, and similar conditions, the Linden Method provides a step-by-step plan for eliminating panic attacks and anxiety and getting off of whatever anti-anxiety...............

An incredible opportunity for all anxiety disorder sufferers
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