Finally Learn How to Quickly Overcome Your Anxiety, Panic attacks, Obsessions & Phobias… Drug Free

“We’ve shown 160,000 people how to become anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD & PTSD free”…

Your anxiety isn’t what you believe it to be…

If you have any of the symptoms below, we will prove to you 100% that it’s all ‘mind lies’…

  • Do you experience anxiety and/or panic attacks?

  • Do you focus on your wellbeing and/or bodily ‘symptoms’?

  • Do you have issues with breathing, heart-type symptoms or digestion?

  • Have you ever sought medical guidance and they have diagnosed anxiety?

  • Do you feel depleted, unwell, tired or lethargic?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you are going mad or losing control?

  • Do you ever have racing, confused, inappropriate or disturbing thoughts?

  • Do you feel overly scared but unable to understand why?

  • Do you feel isolated by your physical and psychological experiences?

  • Do you have phobias or obsessional or inappropriate thoughts?

We will prove to you in just three simple steps that they are, not only, mind lies but that they can be ‘switched off’ like a light!

All of the symptoms listed above and more that we will explain in detail, are signs that you are suffering from a ‘high anxiety condition’.Your symptoms and thoughts associated with your high anxiety condition are a massive group of varied bodily and psychological experiences created by your mind – these conditions are perceived as ‘danger’ but their truth is far less sinister and actually very positive.

Do you KNOW why you suffer?

Do you know what your symptoms really are?

Do you know that you can go from anxious to ‘better than good’… fast?

Our research and practice over 16 years helping many tens of thousands of people to recover from anxiety and panic disorders has provided us with a unique insight into the true nature of what you are experiencing and we would really like to share those life changing truths with you.




You’ll be surprised and relieved to hear the truth I assure you and…

You will get reassurance, guidance, support and true solution focused devices that have been used by over 160,000 anxious people, in clinics, in recovery events, through doctors, psychologists and mental health professionals world over.

It really is as simple as it sounds - You can use the program, contact our qualified support team as often as you like and become completely anxiety free and if you want your money back, we will refund you fully. More details

We’ll tell you…

  • girlHow to remove anxiety and panic attacks
  • How every symptom and thought has developed
  • How to overcome OCD & PureO
  • How to remove agoraphobia
  • How to overcome intrusive thoughts
  • How to become obsessions
  • How to improve your relationships
  • How to stop health anxiety & phobias









Who are we and what makes us think we can help you?

Simple, supported, reassuring and enjoyable programs for anxiety recovery – Since 1997 we have helped over 160,000 people

shutterstock_144893815Since 1997 The Linden Method programs and resources have helped over 160,000 people from around the world. The Linden Method addresses:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Pure O
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Depressive conditions

The Linden Method is now used in various forms across both private and government health care.

June 30, 1997 Updated: January 01, 2014 0954980301 978-0954980306 2

The Linden Method – simple, enjoyable, supported and fulfiling





The Linden Method support for anxiety and panic attacks recoveryAbout The Linden Method

Independent University Trials Test TLM’s Curative Effectiveness

The Linden Method has been rigorously tested in independent trials and the recorded results place it as most effective anxiety recovery treatment available – with average improvements moving the participants from Severe to Normal levels of anxiety.

Being anxiety disorder free is not only a human right but also a human ‘pre-set’ – Your body doesn’t want to be ‘anxious’, it wants to be calm and functioning at maximum efficiency.

Given the correct ‘commands’, your body and mind will reset, these human ‘presets’ are all present from birth and require very little in order to activate them and deactivate them effectively. You will be taught how to deactivate the emotion of fear – when fear is deactivated, your anxiety disorder will stop.





Simple to use program formats

The simple structured programs provide education, reassurance, structure and qualified support promoting full and permanent anxiety elimination and are available in a number of formats including Home Learning, Residential, App and Corporate. Learn More

Qualified, experienced reassurance & guidance - BACP & BPS

All programs include unlimited, dedicated support and guidance by BACP and BPS Anxiety Recovery Specialists who monitor every client’s progress and support and reassure them to speed up results. Learn More

NICE – National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence

The Linden Method conforms to NICE CG-113 for Guided Self-Help meaning that it can be used in practice and prescribed through private and health care channels. Learn More

TLM is also a qualification for practitioners

The Linden Method is also supported by a qualification provided by the NCFE, the oldest learning accreditation qualification in the world. TLM Coaching Accreditation can be learned through home learning or through a conversion course to be used as CPD for existing practitioners and once qualified, coaches can practice anywhere in the world with the structure and support of The Linden Method to support them as they bring true anxiety recovery resources to the people who need them.




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How easy is The Linden Method to do?

The Linden Method was developed by ex anxiety sufferers for sufferers.

It couldn’t be simpler to do, in fact, many clients, especially the children, don’t even know they are doing it. The Method slips seamlessly into your life and the only way others know you are doing it is from the amazing changes they will witness.

Charles originally developed the Method to overcome his own anxiety disorders, so it has been created with the sensibilities of an anxiety sufferer in mind and a deep understanding of what it is to suffer but also the knowledge of how to recover.

Learn more about our Method