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How does my program work?

Why not do what ALL recovered anxiety sufferers
did to eliminate their anxiety?

Uisng the mind's natural emotional control system, which controls your anxiety disorder, we show you how to simply adjust your anxiety levels UNTIL you take back control.

It's simple, it's natural, it's fast and it's the ONLY way to recover... there is no other solution. No other program teaches you how to switch OFF your fear and end your anxiety disorder. Our program and staff will tell you exactly what to do today to start feeling better immediately with permanent results.

So that you'll always have answers when YOU need them...



Because I KNOW how hard it can be to concentrate and take action when you're anxious...



Because I know how anxious people worry about the symptoms and thoughts they experience...



AND a 100% Money Back Guarantee IF we fail to get rid of your anxiety!


It couldn't be easier to do and the results are fast and permanent or you don't pay a thing.
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"What is The Linden Method? The Linden Method is the name Charles gave to a simple program that he used to return his anxiety levels back to normal over 14 years ago... this is NOT anxiety management or coping strategies.

The program addresses the cause of high anxiety conditions while you are supported, if you need it, by our qualified team.

The Linden Method is not like CBT, which tries to teach you how to change your THOUGHTS in order to stop the anxiety response... something that is absolutely, physically and scientifically impossible to do. What we teach you is how to address the anxiety response itself." Beth Linden

Allow me 5 minutes to tell you how I can help YOU

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My program definitely ISN'T CBT or therapy!

I don't ask you to do anything difficult, to keep notes, to do exercises or to 'face your fears'... I show you what you have to do to switch off the emotion of fear and take with it every symptom and thought you experience. Children of seven years do my program with ease... so you'll do it 'standing on your head'.

You may have tried CBT or therapy of some kind... if you did, did it work? Are you anxiety free?

Probably NOT; you can't control the autonomic nervous system by asking it to stop producing emotions, any more than you can ask you stomach to stop digesting food or ask your heart to 'slow down'... it's nonsense and any psychologist worth their salt will tell you so.

My program is a simple, structured and supported 'guided self help program'. Guided self help is a NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and government recognized treatment for high anxiety conditions and is widely becoming the most used option in health care.

My program conform 100% to the findings of the forefathers of behavioural psychology, like William James and Carl Lange on which behavioural psychology SHOULD (and is assumed by most) to be based.

I say SHOULD because, for a reason only known to the people who developed and now practice CBT... the science is ignored and it can't work.

The reason that CBT can't work, also happens to be the reason why The Linden Method DOES WORK - This isn't opinion, it's sound scientific fact based on the findings of the eminent psychologigists that developed behavioral psychology.

So, why does The Linden Method address the emotion of fear so effectively?

First of all, please UNDERSTAND THIS - High anxiety isn't an illness... it's an emotion. Ok, it's TOO MUCH of the emotion of fear but nonetheless, it is NOT an illness.

The emotion of fear is switched on and off as required and our programs simply show you how to send 'safety signals' back to your mind in order to turn your anxiety off.

The proven science behind our programs clearly states that the anxiety response happens before conscious thought 'kicks in' so if you attempt to change your thoughts to control your anxiety, as in CBT (cognitive beahvioural therapy), the 'horse has already bolted'. It won't work.

I am sure you've tried to stop panic attacks and high anxiety with 'reason' before.

Did it work? Did you ask your obsessive thoughts and behaviours to stop? Did that work? How long have you been seeing your therapist? Are you anxiety free?


FIRSTLY: Because it was developed by a sufferer who had 27 years of GAD, panic disorder, OCD, Pure O, PTSD and derealization who, contrary to his doctors' predictions, turned his life around despite numerous psychologists and doctors saying that he was INCURABLE.

SECONDLY: The Linden Method is a structured program that doesn't ask you to change your thoughts... it shows you how it is possible to switch off the anxiety response at its core in seconds by convincing the subconscious that you are safe... not through words... through the senses. The senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin) are the body's 'data gatherers' and the data they gather are the only things that can influence your subconscious... it listens to NOTHING ELSE... NOTHING.

SO... if you could force your senses to send SAFETY DATA to your brain - forcing your mind to decide that YOU are safe, your anxiety will SWITCH OFF.

I SWITCHED OFF my anxiety disorders, thoughts and symptoms in three days... and now I teach all my clients how to do the same.

It's so easy that children of seven do it with ease... so I know you can too.

IF you need to read more, there's more below... if not, click here and get started immediately - NO risk - you benefit or you pay NOTHING

The program includes:

  • The Linden Method program materials - a simple, structured program created by me and I have helped tens of thousands of anxiety disorder sufferers.

  • The Linden Centre support facility - Immediate access by telephone or email to Linden Method compliance/use support, PLUS qualified reassurance, advice and guidance from our team of BACP and BPS members/accredited Specialists who have years of experience helping tens of thousands of anxious people.

Please don't click away from this page... I just want you to understand what I offer that's so, so different!

The body has ONE anxiety 'off switch', confirmed by science, and that's exactly what I will show you... how to switch off anxiety fast and permanently.

The brain process, called neuroplasticity, activates the body's own anxiety OFF switch!

Your body and mind have, from birth, the physical ability to switch off even high level anxiety. That's simple and accepted human science.

I will show you how you can quickly and permanently flick the anxiety switch in your mind to OFF. Over 155,000 people with anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD and Pure O have used my program.


EVERY SINGLE recovered anxiety sufferer has become anxiety free by activating this process in their brain - they had to... that's just the way the body works... that's not my science, the body's science. AND it's so, so simple.


What do you get in the program and what do YOU have to do to make it Work for you?

It's so simple! It doesn't matter what your condition is, how long you have suffered or how severe your symptoms are - if you are human and have high anxiety, there's the only way to turn it off.

You will get many resources that make success swift and easy, but here is what you have to do:

linden method dvd offer

  • Watch a 13 minute video/DVD - In the Fast Track video I will tell you, in 13 minutes, exactly what you have to do in simple English.

  • Watch The Pillars Video/DVD - This video will tell you the ten rules you apply to STOP the anxiety response and therefore anxiety, panic, OCD, Pure O and agoraphobia in their tracks.

  • Read 'My Story' - You will find it immediately reassuring and will also recognise whatI did that stopped my anxiety, panic, OCD and agoraphobia in days and apply those things to your own life.

  • The Panic Attack Eliminator - IF you experience panic attacks, listen to the Panic Eliminator audio track and apply this simple technique.

  • Support - You will get telephone and email support from my qualified psychologists, counselors and Linden Method Specialists about any aspect of your symptoms, thoughts and any other aspect of how you feel - qualified reassurance and guidance when YOU need it. £1000's of advice FREE.

  • Other resources - You will also get access to many other useful resources including the Journey out of Agoraphobia Program, my TV series and much, much more.

Over 14 years and 155,000 people helped, I have created a simple to use, complete, reassuring, and accessible program format based on my original discovery.

It's so, so simple, so structured and works so fast! View the testimonials

Why do medication and other therapies fail to eliminate your anxiety?

Why does my program work better?

My program is a program that switches off anxiety at its source.

AND - best of all... your mind develops a resistance against ever developing an anxiety condition again - that is, in simple terms, how the mind works!

Having the experience of 14 years and 155,000 clients, I know that your mind will respond to this technique... I know that because it's human biology... so if you're human, it works!

My program can used by everyone from seven years of age and it addresses the part of the brain that causes anxiety disorders... only that function in the brain turns the anxiety response OFF in this way!

There is an area of the mind responsible for creating the emotion of anxiety and it is called the Amygdala - it's the mind's anxiety control switch.

By delivering 'safety data' to this part of the brain using my program, the mind is forced to believe that it is safe and when it feels safe, it switches the emotion of fear OFF.

How long does it take? It differs in every person... people have responded in under a day without doing anything but absorb the program... others take a longer.. maybe just a few days.

Does this sound difficult? Trust me, it's not! Children of seven do it, so I know you can!

This safety signal is normally activated shortly after a REAL threat has passed, but in people like you, who are predisposed to developing high anxiety, this doesn't happen... till now!

Like you, I had high anxiety that manifested severely and doctors had given up on me BUT, I cured myself in less than three days - sounds unbelievable I know, but it is absolutely 100% true. Charles Linden

But HOW did I do that?

I did exactly what all recovered sufferers did - I deactivated the emotion of fear in myself... and you won't believe just how easy it is to do.

ALL of this conforms totally to accepted human science and psychology.

I can show you how you can turn off the emotion of fear by sending safety messages to your anxiety control centre that FORCE your mind to reset your anxiety to OFF. This process will also 'program' your mind to never develop inappropriate anxiety again... ever!

All you have to do is follow my lead and put in place a simple process that our seven year old clients do with ease... so I am pretty certain you can do it.

If you are human and have high anxiety, please try this technique!

AND the beauty of it is that you can do it at home, without any effort and without making yourself feel more anxious in any way or exposing you to anything you don't what to do.

AND, here's the best bit - once you have done it... you will have 'future-proofed' yourself against ever developing high anxiety again.


14 Years of Unique Experience

The Linden Method's 14 years of experience helping over 155,000 anxiety sufferers from every corner of the world has provided me with hundreds of verifiable testimonials for you to view.

I provide programs through Workshops, Residential Retraets, Home Learning and receive many hundreds of referrals each year from doctors, psychologists and medical organizations who recognize what I achieve.

This process called neuroplasticity is, as previously stated, the only possible solution for human anxiety disorders - the brain can only recover from high anxiety conditions in one way and this is it - this is based on recognised neuroscience and verifiable, documented human biology - it's not our claim, it's pure science.

Medics, psychologists, research academics and thousands of clients endorse and recommend my program because it conforms to accepted scientific understanding of the nature of the emotion of fear.

Clinical / Medical Referral program

Medics, psychologists, clinics, the government, psychiatrists and many other specialists and organizations refer clients to us when they recognise the level of success I create.

Myself and my team are advisers to government, TV, radio and industry. But why? Because when people see how quickly I turn lives around, they want their patients to take part.

I take part in TV series, has his own TV series, is regularly on national and international radio, have a constant stream of celebrity clients, advises sports stars, musicians and even politicians and am widely regarded as a world authority on high anxiety conditions.

Qualified Unlimited Support & a Guarantee of Success or Your Money Back

You will receive unlimited, seamless support from my qualified staff regardless of the program format you choose. You can have direct contact with them at any time and as often as you like and receive the targeted support and guidance that 10's of thousands of anxious people have accessed during their journey,

We employ qualified psychotherapists and psychologists to provide you with support during our unlimited support program which is provided FREE with The Linden Method. I even guarantee it for up to 12 months. If I don't produce results for you, I don't want your money.

We are REAL people in real offices and our service and success is underwritten by company registrations, insurances and watertight policies.

Reading TLM

Unique program Content & Techniques

Others have tried, but failed, to imitate my programs. Many programs concentrate on the superficial symptoms of high anxiety conditions but The Linden Method utlizes the body's own anxiety reduction process.

Read this comparison between TLM and some other programs to understand the differences.

So, what can I teach you? Why is my Method so special?

Firstly - The content and simple to follow delivery of this program are unique. Because we have the experience of over 14 years helping over 155,000 people through our home learning and residential programs alone, we have the data required to KNOW what to do for you.

Secondly - It doesn't matter what you have heard before or what other people
claim, there is only ONE solution to anxiety disorders.

Thirdly - Our team, myself and my wife have created a group of resources with
an unblemished reputation which is respected around the world.

If other programs say they can 'cure' you using a 'one step' process, a quick fix or miracle cure... don't listen... save your time and money. There are many
unscrupulous 'online merchants' who claim that they can cure you, but check them out, check their credentials, their reputation and don't be caught out.

The video on the right is long but well worth watching. This keynote speech was made to a group of industry professionals, psychologists and doctors and clearly highlights why The Linden Method program has become what it has become over the last 14 years.

Other programs... PLEASE READ AND BE WARNED!

There are some people out there that utilize clever online marketing, who state that their technique is the only solution. Some claim that they have spent years developing their program, that they have years of trading under their belt and display amazing testimonials; these are all recognized online marketing techniques designed to convince you to buy their products. Don't do it! FIRST do your research.

Click here to see why The Linden Method is SO different to anything else out there

Many of our clients have used other online and offline resources before coming to us... why?

View my testimonials... the evidence speaks for itself!


Verifiable Testimonials

Go to my testimonials page and read through the comments, watch the videos. Research who I am, what I do and the results I produce. We are real people, qualified staff in real offices. We have registered products, Trademarks and insurances - we are a professional, accredited organization, not just a 'one man band' sat in their spare room producing anxiety Ebooks.

We run residential programs and workshops that are frequented by people from all over the world and celebrities like Jemma Kidd, Plum Sykes, Mandy Smith and Rupert Young (brother to Will). Charles works with stars from TV Soap Operas, TV channels, Film, music and many other organizations... we are the real deal... come visit us if you have doubts.

View the testimonials


What if you're suffering from generalized anxiety, OCD, agoraphobia or PTSD?

All of these conditions are addressed in our programs. I experienced all of these conditions when I suffered, so I developed The Linden Method from day one, to address all of these conditions directly. Rest assured that I have left no stone unturned in my quest to bring to you the most complete anxiety program I possibly can.

Anxiety is caused by the exact same internal mechanism in every single person.

The Linden Method shows you the only, scientific, verifiable, humanly possible way to reverse and eliminate inappropriate anxiety - anyone who claims that and doesn't show you this very same process is misguiding you... ask my psychologists and counselors for more information about this breakthrough material and process if you wish.


Linden Method Guarantee

But what if The Linden Method doesn't help you? Well, simply don't pay for it!


In affect, we are not even asking you to pay for the program or the qualified support. You pay a, 'kind of', security deposit in order to discover that it does work... but, if you still feel that it hasn't worked for you after you have implemented it, you will get your security deposit back... how can I be fairer?

If you become disheartened or just need the cash back at any point while using it... send it back at any time within 12 months and I will happily refund your money! If this guarantee gets you to try it and therefore recover... I'll do it!

The truth is, if I don't produce results, I don't want your money. Find any other practitioner or organisation that who would say that!


Is The Linden Method Available in a High Street Store?


Yes. The Linden Method as with all our products, is ISBN registered, which means it can be bought or ordered online or in any 'real world' bookstore. The ISBN number for The Linden Method program is 0954980301. When you buy the program, you can also access the Member's Area which contains all of the program material to download free of charge. Downloading The Linden Method is so very simple through our Member's Area, you won't require any special skills or knowledge to do so. If you do have any problems or questions, our support staff are constantly available to help you. PLEASE don't buy second hand or incomplete program material from anyone else. What you buy may be an old version, incomplete or even a fraudulent copy.


Linden Method Guarantee

Can The Linden Method be used by Children?


My Junior Version was developed for young people aged 7 to 15 years to use with parental/supervised guidance when required. Children under 7 years can also use the program under adult supervision. The Junior Version contains everything the adult version contains plus some extra material and CDs for children to use alone. This version comes with support for both parent and child.

Click here for more information or simply choose the Junior Version option during the order process.

I want to order but I do not have a credit card

Don't worry. Simply select the payment method you wish to use (check, money order, PayPal) during the order process and send me the appropriate payment, along with the order form you will generate and print while ordering. it's that simple! If you have questions, call us.


I fully understand that money is sometimes tight, especially during this recession. Our 4 payment plan allows you the flexibility to receive and use every element of The Linden Method program. Simply choose our 4 payment plan option when placing your order. Your first payment covers manufacturing and postage costs and the 3 monthly payments cover support costs for the full 12 month period.


An incredible opportunity for all anxiety disorder sufferers
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